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Internet Tracks Washer 12.0

Internet Tracks Washer protects your privacy and recovers disk space
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Maybe you have realized that when you are using your computer to do common tasks, like opening documents or entering a URL, the operating system and your web browser usually offer to save your time by “remembering” these items for you. This may seem a great help but at the same time it represents a threat to your privacy and, what is more, “steals” space from your hard disks.
Internet Tracks Washer does more than just erasing your Internet activity tracks. Behind this very specific name, there is a comprehensive application that will look after your privacy, recover space from disk and optimize your system.
Using Internet Tracks Washer is very easy. Although you may perform individual tasks, there is also a Wash Now! wizard to help you carry out most operations, even if you are an absolutely unskilled user. You can scan any of four problem areas: Windows system, Windows Registry, Internet browsers and disk drives. In addition, this application is highly customizable, so you can decide what areas will remain untouched.
Furthermore, Internet Tracks Washer includes optimization tools. Each of these tools can be considered a separate application with several features. System Tweak will help you adjust Windows settings that are not easily accessible, related to logon, system, Windows explorer, Internet Explorer as well as other applications, such as Messenger, Media Player, Outlook Express and Microsoft Office. Secure Deletion is a file shredder offering three deletions methods, the most secure being NSA Standard with seven overwrite passes. Shortcut Fixer not only searches for broken shortcuts but also finds the moved target files.

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